What can Scott do for you?

  • Motion Graphics Services

    Scott delivers whiteboard videos with a hand-drawn look—integrated with animated vector icons and engaging motion graphics. This universal style is appropriate for all audiences.

  • Character Animation

    Scott also creates bespoke motion graphics with crisp cartoon characters and icon animations to tell stories in a casual idiosyncratic manner. Please watch some of his example videos on this page below...

  • Adaptive Courseware

    Scott designs and authors complete courses, which adapt to your learners using the power of AI. The backend offers a wealth of data on how students are doing, superpowering teachers with relevant info.

Motion Graphics Services

Clear storytelling in universally understood style

Pandemic Preparedness for Businesses is a set of two comprehensive courses by Equanimity Media which offer the most effective COVID-19 online training for businesses & employees, powered by Fulcrum Labs adaptive 3.0 ai-driven courseware.  

Funded in part by the US Dept of Commerce & the National Institutes of Health, these course have been accredited by University of Utah Health and offer continuing education units.

We are over the moon that Anne Litt and Garth Trinidad from KCRW are the amazing voice talents on this project!

I am the Lead Instructional Designer & Animator at Equanimity Media and gave these courses their signature style and personally created the vast majority of these courses' numerous animations.

Please check out these samples and enjoy!

Please contact Eric Strong at Equanimity Media for a free demo or subscription to these courses.

Read my article about partner Fulcrum Labs at the bottom of this page to learn why I'm excited about online education done right!!

Character Animation Services

Puppet characters positively engage viewers

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a video I created for Equanimity Media in partnership with F10 Creative and Fulcrum Labs. This video combines puppet animation with lots of icon motion graphics to tell the story. The founder did the voiceover, explaining the psychological philosophy that drives her personally, fostering a culture that kept her employees extraordinarily happy (in the before covid-19 world).

The Line of Decision is another video I created for Equanimity Media in partnership with F10 Creative and Fulcrum Labs. This video helped explain and establish their unique psychology-driven culture in their onboarding adaptive course. The client selected the puppet characters that represent her — in this case as a superhero!

Process Explainer Videos

I created the following video for VineSolutions to explain how their various accounts payable systems work together in an integrated whole for their restaurant clients, who are having unprecedented challenges right now, and need their A/P to be easy & efficient. In this case the client chose a flying robot to be their spokesperson, with my voiceover.

I created the following video to bring a set of frequently asked questions to life. Using motion graphics and character animation I made an otherwise boring Q & A engaging, saving Sam, their employee who did the voiceover for the puppet on the right, lots of time having to formerly explain the same things over and over to clients who typically would not read the text-based FAQ.

My Vision for Remote Learning

Read my article, "Remote Learning: Beyond Triage Mode and into the Future" in Medium to understand why I'm excited, and how I can help your company or educational institution.
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Courses which adapt to the student's knowledge level and learning style

Read, watch and/or listen and then practice with questions tailored to you by an artificial intelligence

This is a screen from the adaptive, ai-powered course I helped create for Equanimity Media in partnership with F10 Creative and Fulcrum Labs. My motion graphics & animations are in this course, forming an engaging and memorable experience.
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