Scott's Recommended Software

External sites with recommended products

Dynalist (online & offline outlining software) - get one free month of Dynalist Pro with this link

Teleprompter software (free online app)

Sizer (free utility app for Windows)

Keyboard Maestro (paid utility app for Mac)

Greenshot - screen capture app for Windows (free) & Mac ($2)

OBS Studio (open source recording app)

Camera for OBS Studio - paid iOS app & free plugin (Windows & Mac) connecting iPhone camera to OBS Studio

OBS-VirtualCam plugin (free) - allows use of OBS in Skype, Zoom, etc.

Adobe Creative Cloud - many essential post-production desktop applications on subscription basis (Windows & Mac).

Handbrake (open source video transcoder) - captions by artificial intelligence - 100 free minutes with this link

Google Translator Toolkit - caption translation

Subtitle Tools - free conversion of SRT to VTT subtitle files (for Udemy)

Udemy (course marketplace)

Thinkific (course platform)