Secrets in Plain Sight

This anthology contains sixty-six essays published between June 2011 and November 2015 on The content has been edited and some new material added for this compilation. Follow along with Scott Onstott’s symbolic and geometric synthesis of great art, architecture, urban design & the cosmos in more than 1,000 images and 100,000 words. The essays are presented sequentially so you can follow Onstott’s research and changing worldview as it expanded from coincidence and conspiracy to consciousness and ultimately something close to “providence.” The author sees providence as the influence of unseen, but not necessarily undetectable actors—be they spirits, higher-selves, higher-dimensional beings and/or the universe itself and that all such actors are aspects of awareness manifesting materiality through number, geometry and musical harmony.
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Taking Measure

Explorations in Number, Architecture and Consciousness

Taking Measure reveals patterns emergent in our universe from quantum to astronomic scales. Spatial and temporal codes appear in unexpected places, from our units of measure to the relationships between celestial bodies. Geometric and numeric encoding appears in architecture, in urban design and in alignments across the Earth. Does this happen by pure coincidence, has it been done to preserve knowledge or is it an ancient form of magic that continues to this day? Is the synchronicity we experience in our personal lives a manifestation of these same patterns? This book takes a new look at familiar structures in the tangible world but also engages with the invisible world, including the question of consciousness.
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The Divine Proportion

Explorations in the Golden Ratio

An astonishing full-color view of the proportion that simultaneously patterns structures as small as DNA and as large as galaxies. This collection of illustrations will take you on an epic journey exploring the golden ratio in mathematics, geometry, music, philosophy, psychology, art, archaeology, architecture, geography, molecular biology, plant morphology, human physiology, physics and astronomy. This book has the potential to change the way you view yourself and the world.
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Secrets in Plain Sight

Leonardo da Vinci

Discovering precise encoding in the majority of Leonardo’s art, the author’s insightful analysis reveals the once-heretical transmission of what one of Leonardo da Vinci’s collaborators called a “very secret science.” Da Vinci encoded his most important secrets in plain sight, where they have been overlooked for centuries. His paintings and drawings, although few in number, are the most visited, most written about and most valuable art in the world. Could this be due to his talent of encoding this science into his works? Onstott concludes that the secret science works because it is part of you, no matter whether you are conscious of it or not. This is a must read if you want to comprehend the implications of Leonardo’s cosmic ordering principle.
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Illustrations from the Creator of SIPS

“Many of us have become intuitively awake to nature’s Grand Pattern of order and proportion. Scott’s great contribution reveals this pattern in an explicit and beautiful way. He singlehandedly has mined gold from behind the veil and his contribution to the renaissance of philosophical geometry is simply awe inspiring.” -Geoff Fitzpatrick
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Coloring Book

Experience some unplugged time coloring and contemplating this collection of 53 drawings which includes geometric art, cathedral and temple plans, sacred geometry, optical illusions, crop circles, mathematical curiosities, Platonic solids and more. Suitable for adults and older children, print out the PDF as many times as you want for endless geometric relaxation.
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