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What is Sacred Geometry?

  • Sacredness

    It's about perceiving the perfection of form rather than calculating mundane quantities. Seen through this truthful lens, geometry can be a vehicle to the transcendent.

  • Ingenious Techniques

    Gain the requisite skills to draw accurate equilateral triangles to enneagons and everything in between. Construct the golden ratio, square the circle, and more.

  • Become a Geometer

    Expand your consciousness through the elegant time-tested experience of drawing. Master the art and science of sacred geometry and become a certified geometer!

  • All the skills needed to construct precise drawings are covered so no experience is required.

  • Course can be taken with compass, straightedge, pencil and paper or by using a free iOS app.

  • Students completing the course are issued printable certificates to be proud of.

  • Multilingual Subtitles

    All video lessons have English, French and Spanish captions. / Toutes les leçons vidéo ont des sous-titres français traduits automatiquement. / Todas las lecciones en video tienen subtítulos en español traducidos automáticamente.

  • Bonus Material

    Course includes printable visual mnemonics for particular sacred geometries. Many chapters have surveys and informal quizzes to help you contemplate the content. Ask questions and comment in course discussion groups.

  • Group Coaching

    Every one of Scott's paid courses includes a scheduled webinar where you can see his screen, chat with him and read what other students write in realtime — a great way to get your specific questions answered.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome
    • What is sacred geometry?
    • Traditional vs. digital drawing
    • Manual drafting tips
    • Euclidea: Sketches (free drawing app)
    • Gameplan
  • 2
    • Organizing sketches with tags
    • Sketch management tips
    • Bisecting line segments
    • Controlling drawing element appearance
    • Bisecting angles
    • Perpendicular through point not on line
    • Perpendicular through point on line
    • Drawing parallel lines
    • How are your skills?
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 3
    Circles and Triangles
    • Two and three-point circles
    • Circle and triangle relationships
    • Lines tangent to circles
    • Thales's theorem
    • Circle and Triangle Quiz
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 4
    Ancient Problems Solved (Approximately)
    • Trisecting an angle
    • Doubling the cube
    • Squaring the circle
    • Solutions to Ancient Problems Quiz
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 5
    Dividing Segments
    • Method for dividing into arbitrary number of segments
    • Dividing with the Seed of Life
    • Seed of Life Mnemonic - US Letter
    • Seed of Life Mnemonic - A4 Sheet
    • Dividing with the Starcut
    • Starcut Mnemonic - US Letter
    • Starcut Mnemonic - A4 Sheet
    • Which is your favorite method of division?
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 6
    Constructing Simple Regular Polygons
    • Equilateral triangles
    • Squares
    • "Starcutting" a square
    • Pentagon and pentagram (Western)
    • Pentagon and pentagram (Eastern)
    • Pentagon and pentagram by edge
    • Pentagon by neusis
    • Inscribed and edge hexagons
    • Simple Polygons Quiz
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 7
    Constructing Complex Regular Polygons
    • Pentagon and hexagon sharing edge
    • Septagon and septagram
    • Septagon by neusis
    • Octagons and octagram star
    • Enneagon and its stars
    • Enneagon by neusis
    • Complex Polygons Quiz
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 8
    Automatic Regular Polygons
    • Tiling patterns
    • Quality vs. quantity regarding form
    • Geometric recursion
    • Triangulating the circle
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 9
    Golden Ratio Constructions
    • From the vesica piscis
    • From an equilateral triangle
    • From a square
    • From a triangle and square
    • From pentagrams
    • From adjacent forms
    • Golden ratio quiz
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 10
    Golden Ratio Examples
    • Golden ratios in art
    • Golden ratios in science
    • Golden ratios in design
    • Golden ratio survey
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 11
    Classic Sacred Geometries
    • What is the Flower of Life?
    • How to draw the Flower of Life
    • Projection grid for a dodecahedron
    • Dodecahedron within the Flower of Life
    • Metatron's hypercube
    • Classic sacred geometries survey
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 12
    One Amazing Triangle
    • 3-4-5 triangles from a square
    • Euclid's Proposition 47
    • Earth's tilt angle
    • Squaring the circle with a 3-4-5 triangle
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 13
    Cosmic Proportions
    • Tangent circles
    • Square and pentagram
    • Sacred geometry of the pentagram
    • Starcut technique
    • Golden rectangle
    • Mean orbits
    • Cosmic proportions survey
    • Chapter Discussions
  • 14
    • Off-Topic Discussions
    • Great Minds
    • Bibliography
    • The Proportioner
    • Selection from Scott's Coloring Books
    • Final Project
    • How did you like this course?
    • Next steps

Self-Paced Course Details

Experience Scott's high-quality, high-impact course in time-released lessons (one chapter per week), which hopefully keeps you engaged but not feeling overwhelmed. 

Most of the course consists of Scott's screen-captured HD quality videos (with subtitles in English, French & Spanish) that you watch and then practice what is explained on your own—either on paper or using a drawing program (Scott uses a free iOS app which he explains how to use in the course).

This course also includes printable PDFs, optional quizzes and student surveys. You can ask questions and comment using the course's built-in discussion groups in most chapters. 

Each course comes with scheduled group coaching webinars (using every 4-6 weeks or so where students can interact with Scott in live chat. Enrolled students will periodically receive emails with weekend webinar dates. If you miss one, catch the next webinar when it is scheduled. 

*Course and webinar access expires after one year from the date of enrollment.

Social proof: testimonials

by Alex Fray

Master of Geometry

by Alex Fray

Scott is a true master of geometry so to learn from him was a privilege, and he was a great teacher.
by Jukka Masalin


by Jukka Masalin

Some years ago I stumbled across something called Secrets In Plain Sight [Scott's films]. It made an impact on me that could only be expressed as awe. Since then I have never looked at reality the same. Learning to do perfect geometry with just a compass, ruler and a pencil gave sensations of the true nature of being a co-creator.
by Angie Kinsella

Ancient Wisdom

by Angie Kinsella

Exploring an ancient wisdom through sacred geometry, a truly wonderful way to spend your time and energy. These experiences are an incredible reminder of the sense of power in community and the ripple effect of positivity that can create in the world.

Deeper philosophical meaning


I am currently in the middle of a sacred geometry course. It is taught by a master geometer named Scott Onstott. It is amazing! I am using a compass and straightedge and I am learning so much about structure and shape and deeper philosophical meanings of individual numbers. I can't recommend it enough. You can take a free course to get a taste of the larger course. Do it! You will love it.