• Game Controllers

    Do you want to play your custom games with an Xbox or PS4 controller on your Mac or Windows computer? Map input to buttons and joystick axes in the Input Manager and in C# for more responsive, fun games.

  • Complexity Clarified

    Scott helps you tackle the intricacies of controlling third-person and ai-driven characters in Unity, from character creation and rigging in free DCC apps to animator components, controllers and custom scripting in Unity.

  • Cinemachine & Post-Process Effects

    Configure a Cinemachine FreeLook camera rig for use with third-person player characters. Use Cinemachine extensions to control camera collision with objects and configure advanced post-processed camera effects.

  • No experience with Unity or character creation is required.

  • All of the required software in this course is available for free.

  • In addition to characters, learn a ton about Unity in this course.

  • In-depth course with total video runtime at 6 hours 14 minutes.

  • Multilingual Captions

    All video lessons have English, French and Spanish captions. / Toutes les leçons vidéo ont des sous-titres français traduits automatiquement. / Todas las lecciones en video tienen subtítulos en español traducidos automáticamente.

  • Bonus Material

    Course includes exercise files that get you off to a running start. Ask questions and comment in the course discussion group.

  • Group Coaching

    Every one the paid courses on this site includes a scheduled webinar where you can see Scott's screen, chat with him and read what other students write in realtime — a great way to get your specific questions answered.

Course Curriculum

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  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Creating and Rigging Characters

    • Using Autodesk's Character Generator

    • Creating characters with Adobe Fuse

    • Auto-rigging with Adobe Mixamo

    • Importing an Autodesk character into Adobe Mixamo

    • Exploring commercial rigged and animated characters

  • 3

    Setting the Scene

    • Importing and setting up an architectural model

  • 4

    Character Materials, Textures and Normal Maps

    • Importing a character into Unity

    • Combining texture maps in Photoshop

    • Shaders and render modes for eyes and eyelashes

    • Configuring hair material and texture maps

  • 5

    Third-Person Character Control

    • Controlling the character with scripts and components

  • 6

    Configuring Characters and Cameras

    • Integrating a death animation into controller

  • 7

    Making Characters Easily Interchangeable

    • Bringing in a new character

    • Using legacy characters

    • Using high quality commercial characters

  • 8

    Refining Look with Cinemachine Extensions

    • Using the Cinemachine collider extension

  • 9

    Animating Stationary Characters

    • Commercial animated stationary characters

  • 10

    Making Non-Player Characters Artificially Intelligent

    • Getting agents to climb stairs

  • 11

    Converting the Simulation into a Game

    • Stopping the NPC and killing the Player

  • 12

    Building a User Interface

    • Differentiating between victory and defeat in code

  • 13

    Playing with Game Controllers

    • Mapping the Fire2 axis to run

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Experience Scott's high-quality, high-impact course in time-released lessons (one chapter per week), which keeps you engaged without feeling overwhelmed. 

Most of the course consists of Scott's screen-captured HD 1080p quality videos (with subtitles in English, French & Spanish) that you watch and then practice what is explained on your own.

You can ask questions and comment using the course's built-in discussion group. 

Each course comes with scheduled group coaching webinars (using zoom.us) every few months or so where students can interact with Scott in live chat. Enrolled students will periodically receive emails with weekend webinar dates. If you miss one, catch the next webinar when it is scheduled. 

Video player allows you to speed up or slow down playback to suit your optimal learning rate.

*Course and webinar access expires after one year from the date of enrollment.

What People Are Saying About This Course

Excellent course just the right balance, I have learnt so many valuable configuration options, that I thought I knew but everything is explained so well I now know where I can improve my work, thank you for making this course. -CW

Thank you. I really enjoyed this course and I was able to learn exactly what I needed. You're a really good instructor. I hope you create more Unity specific courses. -TR

This course is great. It covers exactly the topics I'm very much interesting in. And it's very efficient. Short lessons that teach you exactly what you need to know and everything works out very well. I'm still beginner level in Unity, but everything was very clearly and easy to understand. So, if you are interested in this stuff I highly recommend this course. -MJ

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